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Tax Audit Protection for Small Businesses and Individuals

IRS tax audits are triggered by errors, omissions, complex transactions and random selection. It often takes a CPA, tax attorney to resolve an audit or tax inquiry. Quiroz and Company offers tax representation services that reduce the financial burden and emotional stress of a tax audit and inquiries from the IRS or state tax authorities.

If you are audited or receive inquiry letters, our CPA Tax Representatives will represent you and defend your tax return. We will communicate on your behalf with IRS auditors and collection agents of the IRS. We help you to resolve your IRS problems professionally and directly.

To learn more please leave us a message on our guestbook/message or call us at 415-986-3340.

Quiroz & Company - Complete Tax E-File Online Web based - Self-Prepared Tax Returns

DIY Online and Save - Prepare and e-file your federal and state tax returns online with our easy-to-use tax program. File your tax information conveniently and securely from your personal computer. Deduct the cost of your return from your IRS refund or pay by credit card only when you're ready to e-file.

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Self-Prepared Tax Returns with Optional Audit Protection

Quiroz & Company - Tax Notebook Professional Tax Preparation

CPA Prepared and Assisted Tax Returns:

  • Federal and State Tax Return - CPA prepared returns wtih electronic filing of federal and state tax forms. Online Tax Consultation with tax advisor.

  • Web Conference with CPA - CPA advisor conference for clients using Go To Meeting, view and discuss tax documents and reportss, securely and conveniently online.

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Privacy and Security

A statement about your privacy. We wish our clients to know that some tax firms and accounting firms send confidential tax and accounting information offshore for processing (outsourced) without your knowledge or consent. At Quiroz & Company LLP all work is done by our staff in San Francisco, California. All client data is kept in our offices and on secure servers located in the USA.

 Submit your Data Online

Some clients may wish to submit their tax data online. To do this just click the logo below to be redirected to your organizer. Enter your Client Codes and Password to access your organizer.

We're an Authorized IRS E-File Provider.

Get professional CPA tax preparation and assistance online.  CPA prepared return and electronic filing of federal and state tax forms. Tax Consultation with your CPA using Go To Meeting.
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